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The owner of Facility Site Contractors, Inc. believes that a project can only be considered a success when all of our employees return home safely each workday.
He firmly believes the safety of our employees, the environment, the public, our clients and our subcontractors cannot be compromised by our operations. For this reason we will always place safety ahead of our production goals. If a job cannot be accomplished safely, it will not be done. This will be achieved by:
Utilizing our dedicated team of in-house safety professionals to constantly assess and improve our safety processes, training and communication.Safety
Careful evaluation of the work processes.
Ongoing training and continuing education of its workforce.
Complying with all applicable Federal, State and Local Regulations.
Providing the support, equipment and materials needed to do a job safely.
Listening to the needs and concerns of our clients and our associates.
All Facility Site Contractors associates are responsible to comply with the Company's Safety Program and are empowered to report any potential unsafe condition.
Holding supervision and management accountable for the safety performance of employees and maintenance of a safe work environment.
In 2014 FASCON received a Safety Award from Chesapeake Employers Insurance In Honor of Their Outstanding Commitment to Workplace Safety.
Safety is accomplished by a proactive teamwork approach. Facility Site Contractors believes that by eliminating accidents and injuries, the total performance of the company is improved.


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