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Facility Site Contractors, Inc. emphasizes quality workmanship in every facet of our operation, and in every task we perform. No work is too small to escape emphasis because every process contributes to overall performance excellence and the high degree of customer support required by our contracts and our company. We perform every job and service in exact accordance with contract requirements and specifications, and expect the best - the first time, every time. We do not want excuses; we want solutions that lead to the prevention of recurring errors. This attitude is ingrained into every individual worker, each team member is certified by the United States Army Corps of Engineers Quality Control for Contractors, and each employee becomes an involved member of the contract quality team.  This philosophy forms the important first step towards proactive defect prevention.QualityControl

Facility Site Contractors, Inc. is dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, and our quality program is the key to our success. We emphasize continued and consistent improvement over the course of the contract, and seek to instill a drive to prevent defects instead of just identifying them as they happen. Our QC team is proactive, not reactive. We teach every employee to do his/her job with PRIDE:

  • Provide proactive contract services.
  • Respond rapidly to customer comments and complaints.
  • Identify problem prior to customer awareness or inconvenience.
  • Deliver accurate information to customers on corrective actions.
  • Execute corrective actions.




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